The Twisted Duo indeed...

First we were like this...

Then Vicky went like this...

Then Helen went like this...

Then we both went like this...

'Cause we're THIS awesome...

...but also a little bit wierd.

I made a conclusion.

After watching Breaking Dawn and seeing Darren in a photo shoot today, I made this conclusion.

Shirtless Taylor Lautner < Shirtless Darren Criss

I think this picture says it all... *dead*


Gosh! I have so many readers! :o
Where did you all come from!? Not that I'm complaining, you are more than welcome to stay, haha :P And the updates will get better, I swear! :)

But I wanna get to know you people! Post a comment below, just tell me something about you :)

Love you all! <3

Thank you Darren!

Thanks Darren for lighting up my day, as usual!

"He recently got bit by a radioactive... turtle."


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