Not Alone (cover)

Me - Not Alone

My new cover of Not Alone by Darren Criss. Here's the description from the video :)

This is probably my favourite song EVER! It's featured in A Very Potter Musical (there it's sung by Darren Criss, Jamie Lyn Beatty, Bonnie Gruesen & Joey Richter). As I say in the video I sing this to everyone at Team Darren Criss and Starkidism. I love every single one of you :') If you like the cover, spread it, comment and hit the 'like' button! :D You can also subscribe to my channel for more covers :) See ya soon! :D

Tell me your opinion please! :')


Postat av: Emma

Grymt bra!! :D <3

2011-08-24 @ 20:54:24
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