If you watch any Starkid-production, this will happen.

  1. For the next week and a half you will break out into spontaneous song no matter where you are. This can be especially embarrassing if you are caught singing Me and my Dick and you are a female…
  2. On each of the networking sites, your posts are dedicated to the production
  3. You talk only about the production for the next two weeks
  4. You beg/plead/bribe/ask nicely and get them to say yes/force everyone else around you to watch it.
  5. Desktop backgrounds, phone wallpapers, ringtones, and such all become set for that production
  6. You watch the production another three times. Or more…many, many more times
  7. You argue over which Starkid performed better and which one because of the role is better over all.
  8. If it is still occurring, you plot how to get to wherever it is being shown no matter the means. Skipping school, traveling a quarter of the way across the country, having insufficient funds, none of that matters. IT IS ALL WORTH WHILE TO SEE A STARKID PRODUCTION becomes your mantra in this quest.
  9. You know all the major lines by heart
  10. You use all the major lines to connect anything in your day to the production

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