There's No Way!

No Way - Darren Criss, Lauren Lopez, Bonnie Gruesen & Joey Richter

I'm off to bed after a long day. I went to the cinema today, I saw the new movie called "Jag saknar dig", which means "I miss you". I had seen it two times before, with school, but it's still an awesome movie! :D
I also did some shopping! I bought...

Three shirts from New Yorker, Next & Monki :)
Some small stuff from Lindex :)
And a HUGE Harry Potter-poster! I'm putting it up tomorrow :D It's from Gallerix :D

I'm gonna write more on english now! I have some people reading it from other parts of the world I think so it'd be cool if they would be able to read it too :) But sometimes I might write on swedish ;) And yes, I know my english isn't perfect. I'm gonna go to bed now, got a long day tomorrow :D

See ya! :)


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